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WE all belong here. #LOVEKIDSWHOLOVEART 

The Yard Story Begins 

My love affair with art began very early on in childhood. I was never without a pad of paper and a tool with which to draw. Since then, its been on an evolving journey of creating many forms of visual arts.

Creativity is an energy and impulse that is powerful and always present. It is driving, relentless, and in constant need of time, attention, and intention.

I developed an innate need to share my artistic talent when I was a young adult. I pursued degrees in Art Education and Art Therapy Studies. The long and winding road has led me to design the tables of YardArt in Buffalo, New York. Opened in the summer of 2010, it is a special place where I have had the honor and privilege of being surrounded by thousands of young curious faces. 

I’m blessed to practice my beloved craft in the company of young and enthusiastic kids who always inspire me. Together, we continue creating beautiful works of art that we share not just with each other but all else interested.


A Buffalo native, I finished my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Buffalo State College on Elmwood Avenue. After completing my studies, I attained a NYS teacher certification for Pre-K to 12th Grade. I have now been teaching for more than 30 years, teaching students ages 4 thru  18.  My degrees are in art education and art therapy studies.

Aside from teaching, I have been a selling artist for numerous years. I have also been a contributing artist for Nantucket Floor Clothes. As a commission artist, I draw and paint.

Outside of my artistic and teaching life, I’ve been married for 35 years and have 4 children. In my spare time, I like creating personal artworks, spending time with my family, including our big pups, Luca and Stella Luna, and riding my beautiful American Saddlebred Horse Lilly!


Mission Statement

As a parent of 4 and an educator of thousands, I began to notice a lack of opportunities for children to explore art in an open studio environment. My intention was to develop a space where a curious child might come to explore the depths of their imagination and investigate new media. I focus on exposing children to new methods, materials and techniques that might be employed to actualize the creative images found within their artistic minds and turn them into physical masterpieces. I encourage children to think as an Artist thinks.

YardArt provides a table space for children to create images of personal interest while experiencing new media and artistic techniques. Thus, they are able to sharpen their individual skillsets and nurture their innate creative drive.

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